Helicopter bookings in Diwali festival

The rush and advance bookings happening for Diwali Festival for helicopter Tour  , most of the foreigners and tourists, the booking is being made in advance because of on same day no seats available for helicopter Tour Most of the Group bookings happening from 9th till 16th November in Diwali festival, those who booked in advance would enjoy the helicopter ride The photography session is always in place once the helicopter landed the professional photographer take all guests pictures with professional cameras, and giving to each and every guests in USB with additional cost. The weather is appealing and suitable now a days for helicopter ride   as its getting better day by day in UAE and getting pleasant. most of the tourists enjoy UAE weather some time cloudy and some time sunny. sometimes the helicopter tour cancelled due to the bad weather, which is arranged on alternate day.

Celebrate birthday and Anniversary at Dubai Helicopter

The Trend has become most popular in Dubai where as people enjoying   helicopter Ride at the special occasion of birthday. most of the families booking in advance helicopter tour for their loved one on a very special day, most of the people giving surprise to his / her partner while booking the ride for them in advance. because helicopter tour is a great experience and most attractive tour in Dubai, every one wish to ride helicopter tour and see the Dubai most popular areas by air.  It has been observed that most of the tourists would like to book helicopter tour in advance for their upcoming visits and vacations in Dubai.  Many people celebrating their anniversary on helicopter ride and making the day special and memorable.   Now a days most affordable and economical helicopter ride for everyone in UAE and Tourists from all over the world to come and enjoy.  it has been easy to go in the air and fly safe and sound from ground to the sky and come back to th

The Helicopter Season around the corner

Dubai mostly having 4 seasons, now the winter season is approaching and the tourists planing to visit Dubai for its attractive Tours and excursions. helicopter Tour in Dubai is one of the significant and appealing Tour for tourists, most of the tourist book helicopter tour in advance and pay for it as in the busy season in Dubai its tough to get same day helicopter ride due to high demand. Most of the tourists from their home countries book helicopter tour on the website chat with available on the website and after that booking the package accordingly.  The Tourists got the opportunity to book helicopter tour and get discount in other tours from the same company.  The Tourists prefer to visit Dubai compare to other tourists countries as in Dubai - UAE more fun, Tours and excursions with best and cheapest price and plenty of options, that is the reason for more and more tourists attractions and the numbers increasing every years, as people want to explore Dubai a

Dubai Helicopter E ticket can be hold with payment options

Dubai Helicopter is one of the growing and attractive tours among the tourists, there options is available to block the seats for certain time without payment, where the time given to the customers to pay via the following payment method: Cash payment into Office Cash Deposit in to Company bank account  Online transfer Online payment from Credit / Debit Card Different currency option to pay online like GBP, USD, AED and Euro  The Safe and secure payment gate way options for customers to pay as per their ease for helicopter, once the payment is being done the customers than get the confirmation email with the following details of helicopter. The E-Ticket GPS location  Physcial address of helipad Contact Details  The customers is liable to go there 1 hour before the helicopter ride along with photo ID for boarding, and check In. 

The Helicopter Safety measure at landing and take off

The wide range of fire extinguishers and well trained staff available at helipad to cope any kind of unpleasant situation at helicopter ride both at landing and take off.  Even though life jackets provided to guests before helicopter ride for safety and security reason and a complete orientation provided at boarding time.  helicopter tour is the most attraction for tourists in Dubai, where as they are getting special summer offer to enjoy.  Free shuttle service is available for guests booked for helicopter tour

The Dubai Helicopter Life Time Experience

The Modern ear in Dubai brings a lot of attractions and Tours which would have been a great fun and enjoyment.  One of them is Dubai helicopter Tour , which is a life time experience. you pay for it and its worthy.  Dubai helicopter is a good experience for Tourists and Expats staying in UAE, for booking no such formalities required, the booking is just a single call away, everyone can make a booking even on the same day and can have helicopter Ride in Dubai.  There are different timings with different route map of helicopter Tour, any package can be selected and can avail it as its subject to availability.  Dubai helicopter Tours started every day from 9am till 5pm from Dubai Police Academy's Helipad, there is promotion prices offered specially in summer season, its a chance for those who are living in UAE to come and enjoy lifetime experience in Dubai helicopter.  There is Child policy for helicopter Ride as well, like below 2 years infant not allowed on boar

Propose your Loved One at Dubai Helicopter

Its a golden opportunity to propose your loved one at helicopter flight and put a ring in her fingure and make a memorable movements,  earlier it was so difficult to book and afford helicopter tour because of its high prices, but now a days the trend has been changed, keeping in view the customer requirements the helicopter company set a reasonable and better economical prices. Its a great opportunity for the lovers to propose in the Air and step forward in their life and plan a head for new beginning.  Mostly proposal ceremony and happy birthday occasions are very delightful in helicopter Tour , people they booked the whole helicopter  as a private tour either for 12, 17, 22 or 40 minutes depending upon their budget.  Wow a nice views on a special occasion one can remember till long and as a sweet movements of life in helicopter Tour.  We recommend you to come and book your next helicopter Tour and enjoy maximum happiness of your life with your beloved and